Where are you originally from?  

"Raleigh, NC"

What is your favorite restaurant? 

"LaLoma – Denver, CO.  Local – Ironwood or Southern Prime."

Sweet or savory?  

"Sweet AND Savory!"

What's your favorite season?  


If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?  

"Be able to fly!"

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra?  

"I’m happier than a seagull with a tater tot!"

If you were to go to just one concert in your lifetime, what would it be?  

"Andrea Bocelli."

Do you have a favorite sport or sports team? 

"Carolina Panthers!"

Has any book made an impact on your life?  "The Holy Bible."

Fun Fact!  

"Smokin’ hot wife, local small business owner, and wonderful fur baby, Bella!"

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