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Prepping Your Home for Sale in 3 Easy Steps

Damara Meese

Where are you originally from?"Katy, TX • Williamsburg, VA • Moore County, NC...

Where are you originally from?"Katy, TX • Williamsburg, VA • Moore County, NC...

Oct 30 3 minutes read

You're ready to make a move and it seems like a million things are flying through your head. We get it! Preparing your home for sale can see overwhelming but take a deep breath. Don't panic. 

We've outlined what we believe to be the top three items to focus on. It is our hope that this will bring focus and clarity on tackling the project of preparing your home for sale. 

First things first. 

Let's start with what we believe to be the most important above all else - curb appeal! Take a few minutes to go outside and look at your home from the street. Does the yard look maintained? Could you add fresh mulch. How does the siding look? Could it use a power washing to make it look crisp and clean? Next, go to the front door. Take a few minutes to look around through the eyes of a buyer. It will take the showing agent a few minutes to open the lockbox and get the key so ensure the porch looks pristine. First impressions are important. 


Depersonalize and declutter. Have you ever been into a Pottery Barn store? There staging is on point. You want a buyer to feel at ease when they walk in the front door. Remove family photos and anything that feels too personal. A buyer should be able to walk into your home and envision their family using the space. 


The last step is what we call the "50% Rule". Go through your closets and remove 50% of its contents. This can easily be done by removing out of season garments and boxing them up. You're moving anyway, right? Might as well make packing easier on yourself by doing some of it now! 😉This will make your closets look more spacious when a buyer comes through. We also highly encourage this rule on cabinets - especially kitchen cabinets. Lets face it - if a bunch of Tupperware containers fall out when you open the cabinet door it's assumed you don't have enough cabinet space. You can avoid that objection by practicing the 50% Rule and getting rid of some of that "stuff". 

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